'Latin Lover Lite' with Joe DiAngelo

© Joe DiAngeloI was last Sunday with celebrity chef Lala and all I can say that I was impressed with her art of cooking. She is a real power LATINA. What a cute girl. Such a sweet personality. Let me tell you one thing about her: she works 16 hrs per day, owns catering company in California, has own book and cooking TV show. And look at this now, she finds some time for community work and she is educating people how to eat healthy and fight diabetes. We were working together last weekend for American Diabetes Association. I am really impressed with her healthy Latino food.

Chef Lala has captured the passion of Latino Cuisine, with a healthy balance. Her cooking book is great, so many healthy recipes. If you are serious to get into a great shape and you like the latin food, this is the book for you.

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