Your Garage – Auto Storage or Junk Closet

Garages have a variety of uses from a place to store your car, to a place for hobbies, but many people use their garages for storage for the many items they no longer need, taking up valuable space they could utilize for something better. Want less clutter, more space and even a few bucks to take a much needed summer vacation? Call an organization like Goodwill regarding gently used unwanted items to get a much needed tax deduction or have a fun family garage sale. It can be a very scary task at first glance but a few simple steps will make it easy and maybe even fun.

First, take stock of the contents of your garage and perhaps the closets and rooms throughout your home that are overfilled with junk and extra furniture and remove the items you no longer need. If you haven’t used it in a long time, you probably don’t need it. If you can utilize it somewhere else in your home, now is the time to make the change, otherwise let it go. Still can’t part with some items because you want to remember them forever? Take a digital photo and you’ll have the memories forever without all the clutter.

Next, do away with the dirt that surrounds all the clutter so you will have a clean slate to work with and find ways to better utilize the space in your garage. Purchase cabinets or clear plastic bins you can label to store items you need access to. Use ceiling joists to hang storage areas for items like bicycles and camping gear to give you more room to park cars. Be sure to use the joists and not hang anything too heavy for the hooks you use. Use small bins to keep items for home repair and craft projects easy to get to. Put items that can harm pets and children out of reach, such as tools, cleaning items, and chemicals.

Finally, have that garage sale and sell items for at least 50% less than you paid. People will try to bargain but don’t ask too much to start with or they won’t even be interested. Label items with removable stickers before the sale so there won’t be any confusion over pricing and have the kids help you make signs that draw traffic from the main streets near your home. Plan to have your sale when the weather is good and start early as most people that shop garage sales expect to be there early to get the best bargains. Plan to donate anything you don’t sell at the end of the day and you can still get a tax deduction for those items too. Post an ad for your garage sale on and anywhere in your community that might draw customers and tell your neighbors and friends to stop by. Enjoy the rewards…. a clutter free garage to park your car, a place to do hobbies, or just a few extra bucks in your pocket from getting rid of items better utilized in someone elses’s garage.