Chef LaLa Featured on Discovery Health

The Discovery Health Channel aired “National Body Challenge” on Sun. and Mon., Jan. 15 and 16, featuring Laura Diaz, also known as Chef Lala, certified nutritionist and author from Agoura Hills, in the show’s second installment.

Diaz helped a Southern California Latino family learn to cook healthier food with the same taste they are accustomed to.

The special took an in-depth look at obesity in America by following the physical and emotional journey of four Los Angeles families as they worked together to achieve healthier lifestyles.

“As with many Latino families, this family fried most of their food to have the ethnic taste,” said LaLa. “My goal was to teach them that cooking healthier doesn’t need to sacrifice the taste they are familiar with.”

LaLa worked with the entire family to cut calories and ultimately shed pounds by substituting cooking sprays for lard, lowfat beef and cheese for full-fat versions, and turkey bacon for regular bacon.

“There are ways to add flavor and to add culture to food without adding all the fat and calories,” said LaLa. “Eating should be a decadent experience, not one that you dread because choices are limited. A healthier lifestyle is about better ingredients, healthier cooking techniques and smaller portions.”

Chef LaLa is the author of the “Latin Lover Lite” cookbook. She trained in classic French techniques at Le Cordon Bleu and has studied Latin cuisine worldwide.

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