Kosher Salt Isn’t Just for Kosher Cooking

Kosher salt is called so primarily because its large crystals are used for making meats kosher. The process is done in part by sprinkling coarse salt on the surface of the meat to absorb the fluids. Kosher salt is typically free from additives commonly found in table salt, making it a favorite for cooking because it has a gentler flavor. Kosher salt is usually sold in large boxes and can be found in the spice and baking section of your market. Don’t let the large box scare you as it has many uses and has an indefinite shelf life if stored properly. A little goes a long way, so when using instead of table salt, use the conversion guide on the back of the box since some brands have larger crystals than others but keep in mind that 1 tsp of table salt = 1½–2 tsp of kosher salt. It is best used in highly liquid recipes or for rimming a beverage glass or lightly topping baked goods such as rolls, pretzels or baked potatoes before baking for a little flavorful crunch.