Tequila Lime Cilantro Shrimp Ceviche

© Chef LaLa

© Chef LaLa

At one of our favorite little dive restaurants in Montebello (East L.A. adjacent ;) — my sisters and I love the Camarones Ahogados (drowned shrimp) — it is shrimp”cooked” in Lime juice, cilantro and and slices of Jalapenos — a ceviche of sorts. Ceviche is a dish that is cooked in acid, such as lemon and/or lime juice. If you use fresh shrimp, or other seafood, you should be fine. If you are even slightly concerned about freshness, you may be better off cooking them by a more traditional method.

I like to add ½ bottle of Chef LaLa Homemade Tequila Lime Marinade to 2 pounds of large raw shrimp, they are usually “cooked” (pink and opaque) in around 20–30 minutes.

Oysters Cotija

According to common wisdom, almost any kind of seafood could act as an aphrodisiac.  Lobster, crab and oysters or sole should work equally well as long as they are expensive.  Casanova is said to have been a firm believer in oysters, eating 50 of them raw every morning in the bath together with the lady he fancied at that moment.
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